Thiers capitale internationale du couteau

Thiers is home to an old center with multiple shops-workshops of cutlers that forge its identity.

Moulin Richard de Bas

Far from the office reams, meet craftsmen and immerse yourself in the poetry of paper fibers at the Richard mill...

Ambert, la fourme….

Bite into blue? But not just any. The sweetest, the most endearing, the most Livradois-Forez: the real Fourme...

Hautes-Chaumes du Forez

At the antipodes of metro-work-sleep, reveal your true nature near Saint-Anthème: a precious memory to keep...

L’abbaye de la Chaise-Dieu

A masterpiece of southern Gothic, the abbey of La Chaise-Dieu is full of heritage treasures.

Cœur médiéval de Billom

A well-hidden treasure of peaceful heritage, to be discovered head in the air and hands in the pockets, for who knows...

Lezoux, terre de potiers

Discover the contemporary history of ceramics: a museum that won't stop surprising you.