Eat good, eat real.

In Ambert in Livradois Forez, the Chef Toque d'Auvergne Thierry Chelle knows so well how to sublimate it. And, in the ovens of Amber restaurant “Les Copains”, Thierry made a wish 20 years ago: “take the fourme out of the cheese platter and bring it to the kitchen”. Today, a wish come true that seduces many taste buds during the " Fourmofolies in August in Ambert or the “Happy Fourme” organized throughout France.

“What I like: its softness, its main asset. Then, the exercise of cooking is the balance of flavors and this cheese knows how to leave room for the flavors that accompany it. Example, Fourme prawns: if you replace it with Roquefort, we will only smell Roquefort and no longer prawns. For the week of taste, I make a blueberry-fourme cake for the children, two flagship products of the region, a perfect mix to think about sweet and savory flavors. Always, in emulsion, in croque-monsieur, in candy: it's never finished with fourme. »



Preparation time ; 60 minutes in total, for 8 people

Enjoy this recipe from the Livradois Forez region. Born from the marriage of fourme and blueberries, this dessert will surprise you with the authenticity and finesse of its flavors.

Chef's suggestion: serve with vanilla ice cream!

  • 3 eggs
  • 125 sugar gr
  • 250 gr of flour
  • 1 / 2 sachet de levure
  • 75 gr de beurre
  • 200 g of blueberries
  • 150 g of Fourme d'Ambert

In a bowl, whiten the eggs with the sugar.

Add flour and baking powder at the same time.

Then add the warm melted butter, a pinch of salt and the Fourme

of Ambert crumbled into small pieces. Add the blueberries without crushing them.

Bake the cake in a non-stick mold in an oven at 150° for 45 min.