Ambert is a small town, which, seen from the sky and by the configuration of its streets, has the shape of a snail's shell. Nestled between the Forez mountains and the Livradois mountains, its geographical position gives it dynamism and attractiveness. Its city center, very pleasant to explore on foot, is home to a historic district dotted with half-timbered houses. City renowned for its blue-veined cheese, the AOP fourme d'Ambert, it has been able to take advantage of its production. Other know-how is to be discovered such as the manufacture of paper, industrial braid and rosaries, as well as the artisanal techniques of screen printing.

The cradle of the Fourme d'Ambert AOP

Ambert is a town on a human scale, in the heart of the Livradois-Forez regional natural park. It is halfway between the Hautes-Chaumes du Forez and the forests of Livradois. It is the cradle of the Fourme d'Ambert AOP. You know, this beautiful and good cylindrical cheese that embellishes your cheese platter during family meals. It would also seem that 90% of French people know the Fourme d'Ambert. The city is well known for its gastronomy. It is a few kilometers away, in the mountains of Forez, that the fourme was born. It was made in the past by women who stayed in the high altitude farms during the summer pasture period. They took care of the herds, the pastures and made on the spot this cheese so appreciated by the French men and women. Thus, an event highlights this gastronomic richness at the beginning of August: Fourmofolies.

Ambert is also, by this cheese richness, a remarkable Site of the taste "Ambert, cradle of the Fourme d'Ambert". As part of this label, culinary workshops are organized. They are orchestrated by House of fourme and Auvergne cheeses and bring together chefs who love this cheese. Indeed, its tender texture and delicate taste make it easy to use in the preparation of dishes. For a blue, with a somewhat intimidating reputation, Fourme d'Ambert can easily suit all palates. You can learn how to cook it, in a burger, with white meat or in a sweet and savory cake.

Paper, another tradition from Ambert

Ambert is the second largest city in the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park. Like its big sister to the north, the city of Thiers, Ambert is a dynamic city that hosts many businesses. It is particularly famous for the manufacture of paper and braid. A traditional know-how at first which increased tenfold at the industrial level: cardboard and stationery, insulating sheaths and electric cables, braids for sports activities... The cheese manufacturing activity also allows the employment of many people. From the family cheese dairy to the agricultural cooperative, there are many who produce and maintain this culinary know-how.

For six centuries, the papermaking tradition has been passed on to Ambert. A paper mill in activity makes you discover this enchanting know-how. the Richard de Bas mill, well seated on its granite base, topped with wooden dryers. He invites parents and children, young and old, to visit his poetic universe. The guided tour introduces you to the life of a papermaker in the past. Then, you enter the heart of the mill: where the hammers necessary for the manufacture of the delicate rag paper are activated. You will also meet a paper craftsman who will give you a demonstration of his creative technique.

Many craftsmen and craftswomen as well as artists are also based in Ambert. You can then also nourish yourself with encounters. Awaken your taste buds and your mind by discovering the know-how of Amber.

Visit Ambert and its surroundings

Take a stroll through the historic district with its small streets and alleys where the summer freshness is delicious during a "shopping" session. Enjoy a good time spent on the terrace of a café. Indeed, this city of fairs and markets lends itself to strolling and tourism. We discover many facets related to its history. City of character, with gastronomic and cultural qualities, it is a very dynamic commune. And, from Ambert, you can observe these Hautes-Chaumes of Forez, this deforested territory made of moors and meadows. Ambert is a real town a few minutes from the mountain. Here, on Thursday mornings, you can do your shopping in a large market with a friendly atmosphere. Finally, come and meet local producers installed under the arcades of the town hall of Ambert.

And then, take the time for an original discovery aboard the velorail d'Ambert, and soak up the surrounding landscapes. For a digestive and instructive stroll, discover Arlanc the Garden for the Earth. Indeed, on this giant planisphere of more than 6 hectares unique in Europe, discover a constantly enriched collection of 2000 varieties of plants returned to their continent of origin. Then, in the Ance Valley, landscapes and nature are very close. Because here, the quality of the river water is of great ecological interest, much coveted by fishermen and by remarkable animals such as the white-footed crayfish or the pearl mussel. Finally, Montpeloux volcano is one of a kind. Visit, from the bottom of its crater, an atypical geological formation of basalt columns. Thus, your holidays in the heart of Livradois-Forez will make you throb with happiness.

Amber, have fun!

Also courses in the trees and a giant zipline  await you in the heights, in Praboure. Time will be suspended in front of the sumptuous and very photogenic landscape of the Hautes-Chaumes and the old glacial valleys. It is here that the famous jasseries, these summer farms made of stones and with a thatched roof. And then, in this classified site, you will discover a rich biodiversity and a unique view of the Alps and the Chaîne des Puys. To the west, the Haut-Livradois extends. Here is paradise for mushroom pickers. Finally, you come to taste the tangy and cheerful spirit of the Livradois. And, complete your encounter with the territory of Amber, nestled in the heart of the regional natural park.

Moments to enjoy to fully enjoy the region

Off the beaten track

In Arlanc, the lace museum plunges you into the world of lacemaking. This Museum of France presents creations made with bobbins and needles as well as contemporary creations during a guided tour.

The natural spaces around Ambert