In the heart of Auvergne Tuscany

Located in the immediate vicinity of Clermont-Ferrand, the town of Billom is at the center of a natural region called Tuscany of Auvergne. This one owes its name to Catherine de Médicis, who stayed in Auvergne and whom she nicknamed as such because it reminded her of her native Tuscany. The climate there is mild. The hilly landscapes. And in its architecture, there is a bit of Tuscany in the west of the Livradois-Forez regional natural park.

In Billom, the land shapes art and history

In Chauriat, Billom, Saint-Dier-d'Auvergne, Chas, Espirat, Glaine-Montaigut, Culhat: you can visit the medieval towns accompanied by a guide. Here, climbing the mounds of the "Tuscany of Auvergne" a serenity wins over you as the sun goes down. Here, the medieval villages can be visited accompanied by a guide. Take the time to stroll through these small towns. The Cluniac sites are worth the detour. Labeled " Pays d'art et d'histoire de Billom Community », the territory of Billom is formed by landscapes of minerals and ocher soils. The richness of the soil is found on the walls of the buildings: rammed earth, arkose, granite, basalt...

In Billom, you will be won over by the preservation of the medieval centre. This immerses you in the story. At the turn of the alleys, half-timbered houses rub shoulders with the remains of the medieval walls. Two buildings stand out: the Saint-Cerneuf collegiate church and the Saint-Loup church. A stone's throw away, the Croze gardens offer a poetic interlude in the heart of the city. Nearby, many exceptional castles are open to visitors: the Martinanches castle, the Mauzun castle, the Montmorin castle.

Billom, let yourself be charmed

Indeed, labeled Pays d'art et d'histoire de Billom Community », you will be won over by the preservation of the medieval center of Billom. Today, live history and discover a past that is very close. And then, the holidays are savored in Billom, a remarkable site of taste “ The garlic fields of Billom ". Taste pink garlic: the producers are waiting for you, meet them and put your taste buds on alert during a tasting. Finally, every Monday morning, relax at the market. Meet producers, craftsmen and greengrocers. Finally, stroll through this maze of stalls in search of honey, cheese, fruit, meat and other jams, not forgetting garlic of course.

Billom country off the beaten track

Surely you know the Ravel's castle without knowing it: it was the scene of several films, including The chorists in 2003. Very furnished, this former royal fortress refurbished in the XNUMXnd century also offers a very beautiful panorama of the Chaîne des Puys.

Castles surrounded by moats are rare today. This is, however, the case of that of Martinanches. Exceptional in its preservation and charm, its visit plunges you into a magical world. And if your heart commands it, you can too sleep in the bedrooms et suites of the castle.

Discover the tradition of clay working in Lezoux

Major production center during the Gallo-Roman period, its production sigillated spread throughout the Empire, from Livradois-Forez. Today, the potters of Lezoux bring this know-how to life. You can meet these artisans by entering their workshops. Nearby, the departmental museum of ceramics is worth visiting. Ancient or contemporary creations, playful and instructive presentation, all located in an old earthenware factory. Get ready to discover a very complete and exciting museum.

During a walk through the streets lézoviennes, you pass near the belfry, the Saint-Georges chapel or the many dovecotes. Also, if you want to fly in the air: the tree climbing course of Lezoux awaits you. Thus, two unforgettable zip lines will make you fly over a body of water. Finally, ten minutes by car, enjoy an outdoor playground: the “Limagne Évasion” paintball field. Finally, to recharge your batteries, read, listen, play or rest: the playful media library of Lezoux also knows how to surprise you with its bioclimatic architecture.

The natural areas around Billom and Lezoux

  • climb it Turluron from Billom
  • Drink good water from the boiling springs of Medagues to Joze
  • Take a walk in the county forest, in middle earth, surrounded by oak trees

Experiences to live around Billom and Lezoux

  • Be stone hunters during a workshop at the Amethyst House at Vernet-Chaméane.
  • Discover Banya in Egliseneuve-des-Liards: a very invigorating Russian bath.
  • Descend the Allier aboard a canoe at Joze or to Dalet.
  • Learn to fish with Mickael Miclet, guide in Mezel.
  • Taste bubbles in the Abbey Cellars in Chauriat.
  • Walk through the Croze Gardens and its rose gardens in Billom.
  • Discover the tradition of working the land at the potter's workshop of Bort l'Etang.
  • Castles Mauzun et Montmor's, remarkable jewels of medieval architecture.