With its 2 km of marked trails in varied and preserved mountain landscapes, the Regional natural park Livradois-Forez is the ideal place for hiking. Even more, this territory, which has everything planned for walkers, is an invitation to travel on foot. At the heart of nature and oneself. Like a way of life.

In search of letting go during a hike in Livradois-Forez

Itinerant family hike

En roaming, hiking makes you feel free and light, for a maximum disconnection. Put on your shoes in the morning and walk to another base for the night. This is how you give up daily habits. That you get rid of superfluous material constraints, without giving up comfort!

In mountains of Livradois or Forez, the mountain is beautiful and accessible. The elevations can be steep, but never daunting. The possibilities of itineraries are therefore numerous and correspond to all desires for adventure from beginner to sporty level. Seasoned or occasional walkers, everyone will find the circuit to get some fresh air, exercise, decompress, marvel. According to the time he or she has and according to his or her endurance.

Browse a inspiring nature, far from the tumult of the city ​​life, it is also an experience of contemplation. A way to clear your mind. To rediscover your senses in front of breathtaking landscapes and a nature that delivers itself.

Accommodation for your roaming hike in Livradois-Forez

On the route or in the immediate vicinity of the paths, the offer ofaccommodation for hikers makes it possible to organize the stay according to its duration. You can then multiply the number of walking friends as well as the length of the stages. Refuges or lodges, hotels, campsites, all of these drop-off points are suitable for hikers. Just as the managers are accustomed to receiving them for a deserved and tasty rest, they are often also adept at walking in the great outdoors. Catering, transport of luggage or people, information and advice : service providers make life easier for walkers for personalized hiking stays.

In Livradois-forez, you walk on 4 itinerant hikes

The marking of the paths is carried out and checked each year by the association Hiking in Livradois-Forez. In particular, it guarantees the correct orientation of walkers and their safety.

  • « shiso » for Country GRs,
  • " Red and white » for long-distance hiking trails.

Let yourself be guided by these color marks that accompany your journey to walk with peace of mind. As a result, experienced hikers will find emblematic long-distance hiking trails in Livradois-Forez:

The Hautes-Chaumes of Forez

1. The GR®3, on the Forez mountains, on the Hautes Chaumes ridge – 125 km over 7 days

Le GR®3, Loire trails, the first route labeled by the French hiking federation in 1947. Over the 1 km of this mythical route going from the estuary of the Loire at its sources, 125 km cross the Forez and Livradois mountains between Chabreloche et Returnnac. Across the quiet beech and fir forests, the walker overlooks the Loire while traversing the ridge line. With magnificent views of the river at the bottom of the valley in the majestic company of large birds of prey.

2. The tour of the country on foot, from the Forez mountains to the Livradois mountains – 120 km over 6 days

The loop of Tour of the Livradois-Forez region offers a challenge of 120 km to cover in six days for a complete discovery of the territory. Take turns admiring the Chaîne des Puys from the Col des Supeyres et the Béal pass. It also crosses welcoming and typical small towns which surprise with their architectural character. This GR® of country is indeed a walking route surrounded by nature, with unevenness, passes and summits offering spectacular panoramas.

3. The Chemin de Montaigne, GR®89 – the most philosophical hike in Livradois-Forez – 117km over 6 days

On the GR®89 Montaigne Road, meditative and pedestrian route come together to follow in the footsteps of an illustrious thinker. In other words, this long-distance footpath identically follows the route taken from Rome to Bordeaux by Michel de Montaigne. Renaissance philosopher, writer of “Essays” but also of a “Travel Journal”. He is then the one of his crossing from the south of France and Auvergne in 1581, including 117 km in Forez from Thiers. Interpretation desks line the walk so that hikers can discover the history, life and work of the philosopher.

4. In the south of Livradois-Forez: the GR®de pays – Bure dress and chain mail – 163 km over 9 days

Halfway between hiking and pilgrimage, the GR® Country homespun dress and chain mail transports hikers for nine days over 163 km in the south of the Livradois-Forez. In other words, discover an impressive medieval heritage. Then return to the silent footsteps of knights and medieval religious, from the Château de Domeyrat to the unmissable Abbey of La Chaise-Dieu. Everything calls for calm in this almost mystical peregrination. Of the silence of the priory of the abbey of Lavaudieu, labeled most beautiful villages in France, to cool breaks.

What to do in Livradois-Forez for a weekend?

hiking auvergne livradois drill

And for lovers of wide open spaces who lack time, roaming in the Livradois-Forez also available for 2 nights. From Béal pass au Col des Supeyres, circuit of the Tour des cols offers three daily stages at height. They connect the most prestigious passes of the Forez. A light-hearted, all-inclusive stay: full board in a guest room, picnic basket prepared by the host. Or a break in the mountain restaurant of the Black rooster chatter if you prefer. Traveling on foot is also the meet locals ! On this circuit, they simply share their straditional skills, cheese making in a jassery at the creation of the famous paper of Moulin Richard de Bas.

Choose your path, sporty or contemplative, and let yourself be surprised by the welcome of an entire territory.