Another taste of swimming in Auvergne

No need to hesitate between mountain and swimming for your holidays in Auvergne. Because in Livradois-Forez, you can do both. Water is indeed an essential element of the landscape in this beautiful Auvergne Regional Natural Park. In the foreground: in these preserved natural areas, the water comes in lakes, rivers, singing streams, waterfalls… Then, in the background, forest, mountain flora and its reliefs provide an ideal holiday setting. A source of refreshing and conniving moments, water in all its forms distills like a red thread through your summer getaways. Its proximity and all the activities that go with it, offer you sometimes relaxing or very active moments.

Where to swim in Auvergne?

Peaceful swimming in the great lakes of Auvergne

To make the most of all the joys of the beach and swimming: head for lakes in Auvergne. Nestled in sumptuous green settings, the great altitude lakes are the blue pearls of Livradois-Forez. These jewels welcome comfortable nautical and leisure bases. With an oxygenating view of vast mountain landscapes. In their crystal clear waters, it is relaxation and entertainment in the open air. You are there, with your feet in the water, with a light spirit.

ILOA Family Swim
Family swimming – ILOA in Thiers.

All the activities on site abandon you to the present tense. You then fully embrace the great holidays at the water's edge. The fine sandy beaches are ideal for tanning and relaxing. Children frolic and freely enjoy bathing in complete safety in supervised areas.

Between two fathoms, the most active and active can discover or practice different water sports: paddle, canoe, water bike... In the surroundings, the environment can be discovered according to your desires. Hiking and mountain biking circuits, nature and heritage activities, thrilling outdoor activities: the choice is yours. Spaces of freedom and naturalness, the lakes and bodies of water of Livradois-Forez offer a parenthesis of escape. They definitely banish boredom!

No less than three structures in Livradois-Forez welcome swimmers under the Blue Flag.

Thiers and Ambert swimming pools and water fun centers in Livradois-Forez

Waves of freshness against waves of heat! The Livradois-Forez swimming pools and water parks offer families splash-filled activities. For an invigorating and energizing summer holiday program. So we put on the swimsuits to enjoy the variety of recreational sports equipment. You immediately feel the benefits of water with de-stressing and invigorating effects.

Around Lake Aubusson
Moment of relaxation around Lake Aubusson

The swimming pools of Thiers, Ambert, Arlanc and billom, complexes with modern architecture, offer indoor or outdoor pools. Heat wave or rainy weather, the secure multi-activity leisure areas are accessible whatever the weather. Lengths in the sports pool for experienced swimmers or confidence building in the learning pool for beginners: everyone is like a fish in water!

Toboggan, let's dive with the little friends, progress in swimming, children have fun in complete safety in the supervised aquatic play areas. While the older ones enjoy a moment of thermal relaxation. Sauna, relaxation area with jets and whirlpool baths remind us that the element of water provides a healthy and positive holiday. Because, both soothing and energizing, it brings many benefits to physical health and morale. Thus, for fans of a calmer atmosphere, go to Black Woodland Spas for a unique aqua sensory experience.

100% nature swimming in Auvergne in the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park

For a more intimate swim in Auvergne, the water shows another face and reveals itself in a secret and almost mysterious way. the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park counts many spreserved sites where the aquatic presence enchants the eye. The show is surprising, soothing. In the scorching heat, it is good then to reach the shade of the forests to go to meet these places of freshness.

You have to walk a little to reach the feet of the waterfalls fed by the crystalline streams flowing from the summits. But the course is accessible without too much effort to all generations. So the waterfalls of chorsin, volpy, Hollow-Salient, impress with their scale and wild beauty. They are conducive to contemplation and serenity. It is then a invigorating break to recharge your batteries and get together with your family. Furthermore, it fashions a memory of original holiday. You bathe in a mineral and fortifying water. It is for you to explore the natural curiosities. Or simply to take advantage of the misting effect of the waterfalls in the summer humidity.

ILOA family bathing

Equally enchanting, the valleys shaped by streams are surprising. Your eyes then contemplate almost magical landscapes that look like giant roads. In the heart of green forests, we set off on an adventure along the slopes. By following the path of the stream, looking for a natural basin to put your feet, or the whole body.

In conclusion, swimsuits are to be slipped into the suitcase when coming to Livradois-Forez. Because you meet water in all its states! Eau-thentique and “waters” in color, the destination has all the aquatic pleasures and inspiring bathing places in store for you to discover.