For some, vacation is anything but idleness: on the contrary, in Auvergne, it's action, perspiration, revitalization! A parenthesis to get out of the routine. And fill up with memories bursting with energy. Because in the Livradois-Forez, all the natural elements invite you to thrilling and unusual experiences. To shiver with pleasure. Whether you are a fan of thrills or looking for an unusual family holiday in Auvergne, thrilling activities await you. You then push your limits, without taking any risks.

1. Ride free as air
2. An invigorating adventure like water
3. A festival of slides on land

Aerial activities and sensations in the sky of Livradois-Forez

The big parachute jump!

At altitude, sensations take on height and freedom takes on a whole new flavor. Motivated for an absolute letting go with a deep dive into the void? Dare to jump tandem parachute for breathtaking free fall experience in the heart of the Auvergne mountains! And it is the case to say it. So whatever your abilities, you experience the speed and adrenaline of skydiving without the stress (or almost). In tandem with a professional, well supervised from the exit of the plane to the landing, you overcome your fears and get out of your comfort zone for a great thrill in the wind.

Do you want more ?

Hot air balloon flight: fly over the Livradois-Forez Park during your holidays in Auvergne

Airshow hot air balloon during your holidays in Auvergne
Hot air balloon – Airshow

The overview in hot air balloon is a peaceful way to move through the skies. It is then taking the time to slow travel. A momentary estrangement from earthly turmoil. The balloon promises a calm and silent journey at the height of clouds. But the grandiose sensations are also at the rendezvous between dizzying views and pleasure of flight. It is above all a way of moving differently and of discovering from above the magnificent landscapes of the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park, slicing through the air with lightness and carelessness.

Live the adventure of tree climbing in the Puy-de-Dôme

Ferrata hike - Holidays in Auvergne
Rando Ferrata at Prabouré resort

For a breath of fresh air with family or friends, head to a tree climbing course and challenge it gravity when climbing trees ! Evolving in the canopy, like a small or large marmoset, you are immersed in the foliage. We then reconnects to nature, to oneself. A relaxing activity that clears the mind, tree climbing is also a physical activity that requires balance and self-control.

La hike-ferrata, harnessed hiking flush with the rock, also provides aerial and sporting sensations along steep walls. After having trudged well and experienced some thrilling passages, a long zipline flight introduces young and old to the ultimate freedom of soaring through the air like a bird. Imagine: descending the 800 meters of the Prabouré zip line, above 110 meters of vacuum. The highest zip line in the Massif Central… Are you there?

Do you dare to take the plunge during this holiday above the mountains of Auvergne?

An invigorating adventure in the white waters of the Allier

Descend the Allier River by canoe

After the leap into the void during these holidays in Auvergne, we throw ourselves in the water to recharge our batteries ! In the summer heat, a descent of Allier canoeing is a cool and invigorating activity. For half a day or a day, a canoe trip takes you on a a soothing but always surprising journey. Along the river, the route alternates between calm courses and passages of more agitated currents which increase the pressure in the boat. Sports enthusiasts white water sports will appreciate the varied profile of the Allier. With its large calm stretches to spin and rapids to challenge. Families with children from the age of six can also take advantage of this aquatic adventure on accessible circuits, provided you know how to swim.

In addition to the joys of water, the canoe trip gives a different point of view to discover from the river des landscapes within reach. Carried by more peaceful waves, the walk becomes contemplative. The Allier being one of the last wild rivers in Europe, its natural environment is exceptional. Taking the time to observe the rich fauna and flora of the waterside spice up the walk with unexpected encounters. And we don't forget the bathing suits because, after facing the eddies, a dip and a moment of swimming in the natural water of the Allier are always welcome !

A festival of slides on land during your holidays in Auvergne

Sliding sports, without the snow

In the mountains of Livradois-Forez, the cravings for sliding and speed are not reserved only for winter ! Even in summer, the grassy slopes descend on unusual machines, but always ecological, for new exhilarating sensations. And their practice is accessible without too much effort for open sensations at all levels of athletes.

Why not try the latest innovation in high altitude slopes, the mountain kart ? This non-motorized three-wheeled vehicle is equipped with powerful brakes. We hope so. And a wide handlebar for an easy grip that quickly leaves make way for driving pleasure. On the same principle, the downhill scooter takes you on crazy escapades on steep and bumpy courses.

Once dropped off at the top of the peaks by the ski lift, all you have to do is let go at full speed for a memorable descent on the ground. Helmet firmly screwed on the head, foot to the floor, we set off to attack the tracks on these essential cars for a maximum of acrobatic figures and physical sensations!

During your holidays in Auvergne this summer, a little sleigh ride in the Livradois-Forez park?

The power and speed of sled dogs impress you and make you dream? No need to reach the polar regions then to feel the acceleration of the canine team. On the Hautes-chaumes of Livradois-Forez, you get away in any season by going on a sleigh ride pulled by dogs. In addition to the pleasure of running at the rhythm of nature, the discovery of the wide open spaces of Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park, in his white winter coat or in his green summer clothes, really has a taste for wild adventure. The mushers and their magnificent huskies take you to rediscover this ancestral mode of travel, like a return to the roots.

The Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park and the territories that adjoin it are lands of adventure and challenges; it's up to you to pick them up!