Here we are, the first snowflakes have fallen on Livradois-Forez. On the Hautes-Chaumes precisely, at more than 1 meters above sea level, winter is here. The fences of the meadows are then capped with fresh snow. The small clumps of grass look like scattered clouds on the ground. Silence settles gently on the ridges. Because yes, here too we have a magnificent chain of mountains. By themselves. Because these are the Forez mountains and the Livradois mountains. A theater of natural greenery that goes white in winter.

Invigorating experiences to enjoy during the white season

You have the choice between:

1/ suffer the cold, curled up for several months, like a bear, in a cave

2/ dare to put your nose outside, your body offered to the elements, like a fox, in the open air.

Winter Cross-country skiing in the snow at Prabouré
Skiing in Praboure

Experience winter in the cool outdoors. Here, we don't mess with the cold, we embrace it, we enjoy it. At the end of the year, nature falls asleep, but the landscapes remain. We invite you to live a beautiful winter experience.

Are you in Auvergne during the cold season? Know that they are waiting for you: the snow-covered ski slopes of Praboure, Chalmazel, pass of the Lodge and a few other more intimate tracks.

Prabouré is your ideal ski terrain this winter

Culminating at 1 meters above sea level, the 400 slopes of the ski area Praboure await you in Saint-Anthème. One green, the other blue and three red. A special secure toboggan run is also available for the whole family. An area that lends itself perfectly to your days of vacation in the snow accompanied by young or old. “It's a small family resort ideal for learning, known for its friendliness. We are committed to being close to people and allowing them to let their children evolve alone on the slopes,” explains François Philibert, the resort manager.

Winter Little boy on skis in Prabouré

Also, for little ones, “Theo's garden” offers a very nice approach to learning to ski free of charge: “We have a card to play with the little ones. Here, some ski at 2 years old, everything has been created to accommodate them”. On site, a snack also allows you to regain your strength between two descents. Nearby, several snowshoe trails allow you to discover the snowy forest.

Enjoy the winter Ambert-Crests du Forez station

Take all your time in front of the panoramas on the Sancy massif, the Puys chain or, weather permitting, on the Mont Blanc massif. Because here, in the middle of a preserved biodiversity, the Nordic area of ​​115 kilometers opens its paths to you. For the greatest pleasure of your legs who can no longer stay folded under a desk. Also, eight snowshoe trails go deep into the woods. You then hear this soft sound of your feet burying themselves in the snow. You even find a legendary snow-kite spot, at the Col des Supeyres. Here, it's a windy paradise, right in the middle of the Hautes-Chaumes.

Near the Col des Supeyres, a stone's throw from Prabouré and the Col des Pradeaux, you are invited to live a beautiful and fresh experience. This high, nature is wild. The fir trees are laden with snow, the forest is silent. If you are calm enough, maybe you will see a small animal, not so scared.

Squirrel in a tree in winter
Kaleiopestudio ©Pixabay

In Prabouré, the alpine ski slopes are available to you. For a sports day with the family, the area is open with 6 tracks. Indeed, from December, you can book your outdoor weekend. The face, the cheeks gorged with oxygen and the buttocks in the snow, for the less accustomed. The little ones have a space created especially for them. They then learn the first movements on skis. On site, they have an adapted supervision.

winter school skis snow activity kids family

For the more adventurous, the large zipline makes them twirl above an all-white landscape. Like a royal kite. What better way to fully enjoy winter?

Free to fly in the winter wind at Col des Supeyres

“Your feet slip on the powder, the wind whips your cheeks. You're hot like this and your shoulders contract to hold the sail. You have well thought of putting a dorsal this time. It stiffens your back and brings you security, like a clinging little animal. The snowboard makes a slight friction noise on the snow. The kite inflates. Only one small tree is to be avoided. He is proud in the middle of the collar. Covered in white, frozen in the cold. A champion then passes overhead, carried by the wind. Around, everything is calm, immaculate. The sun is also reflected on the snow, so beautiful, all shiny, satiny. That's it, you're there: free on the Forez mountains, at the Col des Supeyres. »

In the Livradois-Forez, snowkiting is practiced at the Col du Béal at 1 meters and at the Col des Supeyres at 390 meters.

The snowkite is simply a snowboard (or skis), pulled by a large kite. If you want to test it, you may have already practiced its equivalent on the sea: kitesurfing. Indeed, on the Col des Supeyres, an open and hilly plateau lends itself perfectly to this practice. However, weather conditions are often changeable at altitude. Vigilance is therefore essential for anyone who wants to practice this extreme sport.

Snowkite in powder snow

Because it has become one of the major sites for practicing snowkiting in France, the Col des Supeyres is perfect for jumping into the wind. Also, nature is preserved there and offers a very beautiful surrounding panorama. A few steps away, the Chalet of the gentians is a stopover gîte which offers something to eat and rest. Ready, ready to take off?

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