Driven by the organization of Buddies-Cyfac, the Cyclo has been traveling the roads of Livradois-Forez for more than thirty years. And successfully. A great gathering of cycling lovers, it offers the possibility to all calves to find a course to suit them: chrono or hike, express or over several days, selective ascent. However, the Cyclo leaves no one on the side of the road.

In the beginning, was the bike but above all the friends

The Livradoise roads are so many godsends for those who like to stroll by bike. Between mountains and valleys, from woods to rivers, the landscapes are revealed. Opening here and there onto panoramas of forests and pastures: a nature dazzling. A godsend for walking families. And a great space for play and fun for enthusiasts, whatever their level.

The Cyclo peloton on the rise

The Cyclo begins, of course, with a story of friends and bikes. All share the desire for passes to climb, milestones and landscapes. In short, they want a feast for the calves and for the eyes. The first edition of their adventure looks like a little queen party. The program is plentiful, judge for yourself: Col du Beal, Pradeaux, Supeyres…eight in total, covered over 200 kilometers of asphalt. Sweat and cramps. Moments of happiness too, in the wheel of friends. We are in 1988, near Ambert. The Cyclo was born, and well born.

Hundreds of cyclists on the starting line of Ambert

Three decades pass, and the 200 pioneers of 1988 have now turned into 3000 on the starting line of this cyclo des Copains.

Because today, the village is located a few steps from the city center of Ambert. You can pick up your race number there, sign up for the timed and hiking formulas, take advantage of the expert hands of the physiotherapists or even meet different exhibitors.

Aperitif Cyclo-AOP Fourme d'Ambert, pasta party, concerts, Sunday lunch... The events follow one another throughout the weekend.

The Cyclo always higher

Les Copains-Cyfac now has 105 members, including 80 licensees. Supported by a large and solid base of volunteers, the association has set itself the objective, in addition to the organization of La Cyclo, of offering cyclosportive and cyclotourist activities to enthusiasts in the region. Its action thus complements that of the Cycling Club Ambertois.

Each year, participants discover new routes designed by the organizing team to travel the roads of the Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park. Ascent of the Puy de Dôme with its 4 km at 12%, ascent of the Montravel site after 35 km, sequence on the Chansert and Béal passes... Surprises every year.

Landscape cyclists Livradois Forez - mountain road

His efficiency then allows him to push his limits a little further. You have to look for the novelty, the unpublished, and mix it with the expected, with the classic. Livradois-Forez fortunately offers so many variations. But La Cyclo does not forbid escapades beyond Limagne, to the delight of purists. To conclude, the regulars of Béal will still be able in July 2023 to challenge the slopes of the Puy de Dome !