At the beginning of July, the city of Thiers invites you to "pamparin" in its medieval streets. It's the Pamparina in Thiers, a free music festival. Some headliners well-known, around forty groups, from hip-hop, flamenco rock, soul, folk and even disco: a joyful eclectic recipe to make you live 3 unforgettable days of street festival.

Thiers is an open-air stage to celebrate the arrival of summer. It's in the medieval alleys, on the hidden places or in front of the media library facing the mountain, that you enjoy this joyful and dynamic festival. The city then shows itself in its best light to offer you 3 unique days of music. Pleasure for the eyes, in the medieval town. Pleasure for the ears, with so many concerts. But also, pleasure for gourmets: gourmet stands and restaurants delight the taste buds.

Les Fanflures copper orchestra
Les Fanflures strolling on Saturday and Sunday in the streets of Thiers.

The whole city is decorated for the event. And the places of Thiers vibrate for the festival-goers. In the evening, the big stages keep you dancing until the middle of the night. All this, sprinkled with an orchestra that roams the streets. Festive and family atmosphere guaranteed for this Pamparina in Thiers! And what's more, this festival is 100% free. Because we are in Auvergne.

A program that creates surprise

In 2022, Place Saint-Genès will particularly welcome new talents from the greater Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. On the program to start: festive song, African music, hip-hop, flamenco rock, jazz… Also find the winners of the regional springboards, Illustre (hip-hop), Les Mamans du Congo x Rrobin (electro), Rouquine (pop rock) , The Entropy Paradox (current jazz), Opal Ocean (flamenco rock) or even The Flying Tractors that need no introduction (agricultural rock).

Opal Ocean bearded guitarists
Opal Ocean in concert on July 10 on the Saint-Genès stage.

Place Antonin-Chastel reveals a more multicolored scene. Every evening, different musical and artistic sets. This year indeed: soul, blues, French song, disco, pop song and other new talents. Listen to Delgrès (Creole blues), the famous Kimberose (soul funk), Céline et moi (Céline Dion's universe), Imagination ft. Leee John (disco), Kalika (French song) or even the dynamic Jive me (electro swing) in closing concert.

Jive me piano and singer
Jive me, Bordeaux electro swing group in closing concert on July 10th.

Rue Conchette, "the place to be" to make yourself known. It houses the open stage intended to introduce young music groups. This year, 7 groups are already programmed among Nebraktor, Alexandre Jean Luk Tung, Lili Em…

On the side of the square of Verdun on the other hand, place with the musics of the world. Jazz, songs and traditional music for a moment of relaxation in the wooded park. On the program in 2022: Brin de Lune (world music), An eagle in your mind (folk rock), Lechapus and his plastic invasion, Delkoya (pop world) or even Belfour (pop).

Plastic Party concert reclaimed plastic
The Lechapus Plastic Party on July 9 on the Verdun stage.

And at the bend of the medieval streets for La Pamparina de Thiers…

In the small setting of Place Mercière, a lounge area awaits festival-goers. An electro DJ broadcasts a soundtrack for 100% idleness moments organized by the La Pcs du Fond association.

Also, on the side of the Place du Pirou, a theater company, the Compagnie de Fidelio (better known in Thiers under the name of the Merchants of Bonheur) presents its latest creation "The Beast of Gévaudan", shivers or guaranteed laughter.

Bass Tong strolling at the Pamparina concert
Bass Tong, wandering the streets of Thiers on July 8.

But also, and during the three days, the eagerly awaited brass bands and other bandas ignite the streets during wanderings. This year, Thiers travels to the rhythms of New Orleans, Brazil, the Caribbean… Caliente! An astonishing man from Nantes walks around with his wild lutherie: Bass Tong (acoustic techno). A group of friends takes you on a trip to Brazil: La Batucadag. The beauties of Fanflures offer a mix of jazz and Latin funk. The Volcanic Brazil Maracatu is a percussion group with infectious energy. And finally, the Po'Boys make the fanfare during a jazzy parade.

Start the summer dancing in the medieval heart of Thiers

Here, partying is “pampariner” in the local dialect. Everything is pedestrian in Thiers during these three days, ideal for clapping hands and feet. The café terraces spread out, decorations in a thousand colors dress the walls and the music resounds everywhere on an air of freedom. La Pamparina in short: the only festival that dares to make half-timbered houses vibrate.

Chateau du Pirou Thiers

And always: the visit head in the air during the Pamparina with the artistic operation "Thiers, high city in colors"

Posters in the streets of Thiers for the Pamparina festival

In conclusion, go hunting for banners in the sun-drenched streets of Thiers. To celebrate summer, imaginative artists painted large canvases, hung throughout the city. In 2022, discover these ephemeral works on the themes: “Extraordinary Garden” and “Bohemian Wind”. Another way to savor La Pamparina.