The Potters' Market brings together dozens of local artisans in Bort-l'Étang for a weekend. He thus perpetuates the memory of a ceramist tradition two thousand years old. The site of many archaeological digs, the Lézovian basin thus brings tradition to life.

Artisan porters Pottery plates and glasses

Potters in Livradois-Forez: a very old story

Ceramics in the Lézovian region is first and foremost a long-term story. With a rich soil characterized by a great diversity of clays, Limagne has always had the vocation of sheltering a major craft industry. Earth and fire are two quintessential elements of volcanic Auvergne. They then find in ceramics an ideal field of expression. For 2000 years, the ovens of Livradois have shaped treasures of know-how that has never completely died out.

Archeology has thus brought to light the major role played by Lezoux in the production of sigillated ceramics between the XNUMXst and XNUMXth centuries. Around this imperial center, a whole local activity developed. It continued through the Middle Ages to modern times. The discovery of black pottery in Bort-l'Etang only confirmed the presence of the village in this old industrial complex.

pottery workshop

From Ravel to Bort-l'Étang

Faced with the evidence of this prestigious past, the Cultural Animation Committee (CAC) of Bort-L'Étang decided to organize its first Potters' Market. Held for 25 years in Ravel, under the aegis of the "Comité des potiers", with 20 visitors per year, the ceramics meeting had its last edition in 000. It is reborn today next to Lezoux . Thanks to the collaboration of the former organizers of the Ravel market and the volunteers of the CAC. A way of re-knitting past and present and bringing the event back to its audience.

On May 27 and 28, 2023, you can meet around thirty potters from different regions of France and abroad. They will offer you their unique creations, and will present various manufacturing techniques (grace, earthenware, raku, porcelain, etc.). You can also participate in several activities offered to the general public, adults and children:

  • A modeling activity for children, with the creation of ephemeral sculptures.
  • A rope jar demonstration.
  • A traveling musical entertainment.
Potters workshop making and discovery of pottery

The market takes place on Place des Platanes in Bort-l'Etang, land of 2 m² located on the edge of the village between the village hall and the local association. Two car parks will be specially materialized for this occasion.