The first festival created in Puy-de-Dôme in 1978, the Concerts de Vollore take place every year in July. Recognized by the quality of its programming, it has established itself, over the course of its editions, as a major meeting place for lovers of music without borders. gender, class and country. Les Concerts de Vollore has also developed events throughout the year, such as “L'autre saison”.

The programming, combining the great repertoire and the discovery of many unknown or forgotten works, gives pride of place to the greatest contemporary performers of classical music and to young talents from our region. It is also open to jazz and world music.

Bringing music to the heart of rurality

The association Les Concerts de Vollore sculpts the cultural landscape of an entire region in its own way. It thus brings “internationally renowned artists and talents from the region” to give concerts in emblematic places in Livradois-Forez. Bringing music to the heart of rurality is a constant challenge, taken up by all local actors. “The territory is waiting for this artistic presence. Everyone plays the game” appreciates Bruno Chanel, artistic director of the concerts. With elected officials in tune, tourist information offices at the relay for ticketing and partner restaurants, the effort is collective.

An effort that bears its own reward. Indeed, the Concerts de Vollore invites itself wherever possible, in always different municipalities. "It's classical music, elite music": Bruno Chanel wants to get rid of this psychological barrier. "The programs of the Concerts de Vollore offer concerts with variable geometry, within everyone's reach". For this 2023 season, from July 8, you are going on a trip with Schubert or to New Orleans. You converse in Slavic on July 20. The church of Vollore fills with jazzy tunes on July 14…

The discovery and opening of the Concerts de Vollore

First thought of as a classical music festival, Les Concerts de Vollore has broadened its horizons over time. Jazz, like world music, now occupies a place of choice in a program that is based on a clever balance between creation and distribution. Thus it offers numerous discoveries of forgotten or never-performed works.

Discovery is no doubt what gives the La of the festival. Discovery and decompartmentalization. Because attending a classical music concert still means for many people crossing the threshold of a forbidden sanctuary, the festival wanted concerts within everyone's reach. An openness that is now found in the educational work carried out with the public, and particularly the youngest.

Curious Bards violin and viol harp concerts by Vollore

2023 programming to discover in our agenda