The summer sun is starting to shine. Thanks to him, desires for breaths of fresh air, hikes, wide open spaces. In Livradois-Forez, hiking means walking in fresh, unspoiled nature. Poetic and well-maintained hiking trails, marked paths where you can launch your mountain bike at full speed, accompanied walks to contemplate and listen to your environment. On site, nature accommodation also makes you spend a pleasant night. It is therefore time to live in Livradois-Forez and breathe in the heart of nature. Here, you then live an experience for your five senses, and finally, you take your time.

1. Hiking : the call of the trails
2. MTB : the pleasure of wide open spaces
3. Nature Walks : in the hollow of the trees, sheltered from the rivers
4. Slow tourism : just take your time
5. Natural accommodation: meet up for a stay

Hiking in Livradois-Forez: the call of the trails

Summer is really almost here. And with him, the hour of hikes who's ringing.

Rich in reliefs full of character, the Livradois-Forez is a territory cut out for hiking. Fresh, sporty or itinerant, the hike remains from now on the most beautiful way to experience a land of nature. In the heart of Auvergne.

Summer invites discovery an natural environment full of life. Once again, small flowers along the paths, ripe for tasting, herds languishing under the leafy trees... The paths of Livradois-Forez thus offer an experience disconnection. And reconnection to nature.

The essential app to slip into the bag for light hiking

Our hiking portal and our mobile app offer adapted hikes in Livradois-Forez to your abilities. Indeed, the difficulties are varied, and the scenery always surprising, like Livradois-Forez. 200 courses hiking and mountain biking are thus listed, and our application, already downloaded more than 5000 times, is constantly evolving.

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And if you still don't feel like jumping on your hiking boots, our " Mr Hiking will then convince you.

Mountain biking: the pleasure of the great outdoors

For lovers of forest tracks, the starting signal has been launched since the spring. We do not slow down the pace and we continue, although the sun likes to brown - or roast the calves. The slopes of Livradois-Forez are perfect for mountain biking. Indeed, the cleared paths make discover a nature of the great spaces. The Hautes-Chaumes du Forez, to be discovered on the route of the Country tour by mountain bike will enchant you. Will you be tenacious enough to close the loop?

Because in Livradois-Forez the beauty of the landscapes makes the routes exhilarating, our territory is a destination of choice for mountain bike lovers. From north to south of the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park, our spaces labeled by the French Cycling Federation join the Col des Supeyres. Thus, the 105 marked mountain bike circuits extend over more than 2400 km!

Nature walks: for hiking in the hollow of the trees, sheltered from the rivers

Hiking in Livradois-Forez is offering a secret spectacle, a nature to contemplate. And an experiment to live thanks to the walks offered throughout the territory. From the Forez mountains to the wood of La Comté, you can just watch, but you can also contemplate a preserved and majestic nature. Through the nature guides of Livradois-Forez, discover the treasures of the fauna and flora of this regional natural park in Auvergne. 

All year round, for hiking in Livradois-Forez, nature outings are organized to be found on our agenda.

A few nature guides and a guide

Slow tourism: simply take your time

In Livradois-Forez, we like to take the time. The one to do and the one to do nothing. Resolutely natural, our territory is an invitation to take things easy. A "praise of slowness" which then resounds in the hearts of all those who aspire to find some peace. Far from the crowds that flock to the “big destinations”.

In Livradois-Forez, we suggest yougo at a different pace. You will be able to immerse yourself in a landscape rather than crossing it, savor local and generous products, make culinary discoveries at imaginative tables, go here and there without rushing, leave the car for the bike, the horse, or your own two feet. You will also be able to make authentic encounters, more spontaneous than on a daily basis.

This “disconnected” state of mind is an essential part of Livradois-Forez. Here we slow down.

Nature accommodation: getting together during a stay

After a nice hike in the plain of Fossat or in the county forest, what could be better than a restful stopover in a nature accommodation ? Because we are in a Regional natural park and, consequently, men and women choose to welcome you with authenticity. Indeed, 28 accommodations offer you an encounter with your environment and those who shape it. Meetings with local producers, local product tastings, sharing of experiences… And all this in respect of the nature.

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26 results)