The Lace Museum in Arlanc presents an impressive collection of objects and creations of bobbin or needle work. In the center of the small town of Arlanc, it highlights this work of patience and concentration by promoting the lace of Arlanc. Arranged on the ground floor of the Town Hall, in vaulted rooms, the museum consists of 3 rooms offering visitors the discovery of a universe and the contemplation of creations. A museum to understand everything about this hypnotic and delicate know-how of Livradois-Forez.

Arlanc lace, a renowned ancestral technique

Bobbin and needle lace has been practiced for several centuries in Livradois-Forez and more precisely in Arlanc. While knitting is becoming fashionable again, as a method of relaxation and making “DIY” plaids, Arlanc lace did not wait to be trendy to be useful and renowned. From the XNUMXth century, it followed clothing fashion and adorned blouses, shirts, collars and sleeves of clothing. It is then very trendy!

lace museum Arlanc lacemaker

The Lace Museum invites you to discover these ancestral techniques through three exhibition rooms. A video montage first reveals the work of lace-making and the importance it had in the south of Livradois-Forez. Then, lace creations show the quality and variety of lace products. Finally, the exhibition orients towards the sociological scope of the practice of lace in Arlanc. Also, through temporary exhibitions, visitors discover completely contemporary creations.

To go into a little more detail, visitors discover didactic panels to learn the difference between square lace and needle lace. Or the difference between the point of Venice (with floral patterns) and the point of Spirit (with more starry patterns).

A rich, original and contemporary museum

More than 500 pieces from the permanent collection can be discovered at Arlanc. From hand-made lace to the industrial know-how of contemporary lace, the Lace Museum of Arlanc offers a wide range of creations. On a free or guided tour with a lecturer guide, the specificity of Arlanc lace is told.
Tile, bobbins, needles, threads, all lace-making tools, are presented. Also, visitors discover a mechanical lace loom, in working order and on display. It dates from the last century and illustrates the evolution of the practice of lace in Arlanc. Indeed, it also had a more industrial manufacture.

Below, the Lace Route to download. A file presenting 7 towns in Puy-de-Dôme and Haute-Loire, on the textile route. Nice discovery!