In Ambert, at the Richard de Bas mill, we don't hesitate to get our hands dirty.
In one of the oldest mills in France, make your paper and leave with it.

Yes this museum is alive. Michel, the papermaker, is busy every day at the mill. He is waiting for you, just to share some secrets of papermaking, his know-how and his passion for stationery.

This last Auvergne paper mill — fed by the Laga Valley stream — opens its doors to you all year round.

At a papermaking workshop in Mill Richard de Bas : become a papermaker!

Welcome to the last paper mill byAuvergne

Namely, here we are proud to produce by hand up to 200 sheets of paper per day.
Even more, it is a cultural, heritage and family business that delights publishers, artists and other lovers of beautiful papers.

In love with know-how and specific expertise. and traditional, passing visitors, lovers of cultural heritage., young and old, this moment is designed for you!

Le Mill Richard de Bas, the first living museum in France and the last paper mill in Auvergne

What is a living museum?

Above all, it is a place where you can meet the papermaker directly. He shapes each of these sheets of paper by hand daily.

Even livelier in July and August when the flower girls come to brighten up the courtyard of the mill with multiple colors from the grasses and blueberries, etc.
In front of you, they make floral compositions, unique pieces, available to you in bookstores.

Last but not least, the Moulin Richard de Bas is the ultimate witness to a centuries-old history of paper.
So, visiting the museum is entering the history of one of the oldest paper mills in France.

Namely: 1326 is the oldest date found concerning Richard-de-Bas.

Before the workshop, take your walking shoes and walk in the footsteps of the papermakers.

Extend the experience by discovering the papermakers path.

Don't leave the mill without taking a tour of the park where a Chinese papermaker's workshop and plant species related to the history of paper (papyrus, bamboo, etc.) are presented to you.

Then, departing from Valeyre, follow this path along the water.

Hiking map of the papermakers' path

Then, for seven kilometres, explore the paper valleys of streams in reaches, where rag pickers and muleteers crossed paths to supply the mills.

Seven centuries precede you, the winds still carry all these past anecdotes.

A piece of advice, take a break at the mills of Valeyre, then at that of Nouara and of course at the Mill Richard de Bas where the picnic is essential after 2h30 of walk.
We assure you, the setting will not fail to surprise you.

Discover the Ambertois pass for the Moulin Richard de Bas,
the Maison de la Fourme d'Ambert, the 1900 School and Mus'énergie.


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