In Livradois-Forez, nature is not a backdrop, it is our host. We don't consume it, we join it. By watching it closely, learning about it to better protect it, savoring its treasures. Young and old, all generations are enriched by contact with him. They escape in his heart. Enjoy moments of presence in the hollows of the trees. Along the paths, Natura 2000 sites, in the kingdom of otters, salmon and owls. In this unspoiled nature of Livradois-Forez, your stay will shine with well-being and rejuvenation.

Really pay a visit to nature in Livradois-Forez

To start: admire a sunset over the Puys range, guess at dusk the nightlife that resumes, marvel at the grace of a dragonfly, a wild orchid... In the Livradois-Forez, nature has you covered awake. It invites itself at all times as long as we pay attention to it. And that we leave him his place. Be silent, be attentive to its subtle noises, do not rush anything, contemplate rather than see.

Little owl branch Nature Livradois-Forez

Because to immerse oneself in the observation of the environment, is to soak up to be part of this whole. Consequently, it is indeed a change of pace and attitude to which nature invites you in Livradois-Forez. Know how to finally stop on the hiking trail to breathe in the scent of wild flowers... Let yourself go too, close your eyes to fill yourself with the rustle of a waterfall... Caress the rough bark of the oak or the smooth stone nestled in the bed of the river… Walk barefoot in the soft grass… Then, glean sweet marvels in the bushes or plump boletes under the leafy trees… Be surprised, surprised for once, and rejoice at the sight of a large raptor .

Because, proven by scientists and artists, observing nature makes us happy! Being connected with the environment means adopting a view of the world that soothes and uplifts us. So it's up to you to find happiness in Livradois-Forez. And finally reconnect to your true nature.

Guided tours in the heart of the regional natural park

It takes a bit of initiation sometimes to fully understand the world around us. To begin with, our tailor-made stays and our professional guides lead you on the exciting paths of this learning. And since nature is a wonderful playground for children, guided tours are also an opportunity for a family outing. On a guided hike or during discovery workshops, biodiversity reveals all these mysteries to you. You explore high altitude environments, forests, rivers, to meet the fauna and flora. You call the trees by their name, their real one this time. A first step towards reconnecting with your inner nature.

Iloa parenthesis Nature Livradois-Forez

Put on good walking shoes. Explore our hiking trails in the middle of the forest, along streams and along fields. For lovers of gourmet comfort, mushroom hunting is open in the fall. Go exploring then in search of porcini mushrooms, chanterelles and other morels. In spring, observe nature awakening after winter: the birth of small buds, the floral explosion of wild cherry trees and herbs. The most beautiful paths of Livradois-Forez open before you, be silent, walk and listen to the joys of nature.

Hautes-Chaumes of Forez

Take time for yourself. Relax. Observe moments of silence. Recharge. Close eyes. Practice relaxation and meditation. Admire the sunset over the Chaîne des Puys…

Far from urban centers, the calm and preserved environment of the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park promises a relaxing stay. Country campsites, small hotels, bucolic guest rooms and places of unusual residences are then so many accommodation possibilities that will make you disconnect.

Rediscover nature in every season in Livradois-Forez

In Livradois-Forez, come and test all your natures. Throughout the four seasons, the landscapes and atmospheres of this lively mid-mountain region offer you multi-faceted experiences. It is a land of contrast. where you will walk a glacial valley then stroll around Billom. From Lezoux. In the " Tuscany of Auvergne to the southern climate. We follow the transhumance on the sunny mountain pastures or the sound of a waterfall in the cool forest. On the Hautes-Chaumes of Forez, at Pierre-sur-Haute, the highest point in Livradois-Forez, the high altitude meadows and moors teem with life in summer.

zip line

Beneath the white winter coat, these wide open spaces reveal a confidential yet surprising animal life. In autumn, the beetles set the Forez mountains ablaze. Under the golden colors of the late autumn, set off to explore in search of porcini mushrooms, chanterelles and other morels. The days are getting shorter but the sun still offers magnificent sunrises and sunsets over blazing landscapes.

Crocus Nature Aulteribe Livradois-Forez

In spring, observe nature awakening: the birth of small buds, the floral explosion of wild cherry trees, the scents of herbs. In the valleys, the streams then come alive with the hatching of insects and the awakening of batrachians. The fir forests begin to hum and sing again, the owls call to each other in the grove when night falls.
Each season gives the nature of Livradois-Forez a different face, but always the same wonder.

Well-being at the heart of the stay

From body to mind, nature in Livradois-Forez is the guarantee of deep detoxification! Because we never leave it completely. The whole territory integrates ecology and sustainable tourism into its thinking and development. Human activities take into account their impacts and biodiversity. Enough to offer complete stays in harmony with the surrounding nature and the "slow detox" spirit, a wise art of living in slow motion.

Tree hug Nature Livradois-Forez

Sleep well and eat well! Because nature produces healthy food, essential for an invigorating stay and good physical shape. Local, farm and quality products are the basis of a balanced diet that everyone will appreciate at its fair value. You can stock up directly on farms that sell to the public, on markets and in producer shops.

Children in a sheep field

Who says physical fitness says movement and breathing! In the Livradois-Forez, the activities are tailor-made for rejuvenation as close as possible to the natural elements.
With its 2 km of marked trails, the Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park is ideal for hiking or cycling. By walking through the 000 zones Nature 2000 of the Park, grandiose panoramas and naturalist discoveries adorn the route.
For breathtaking landscapes, find all our hiking trails on the site:

Tailor-made activities for rejuvenation thanks to nature

Really, the opportunities to relax in a swimming pools, a natural pond, a river, a SPA are not lacking in Livradois-Forez. But, you can also attend well-being workshops, practice forest bathing. Nature has a real anti-stress effect. So to prolong its positive benefits, frequent it in a mental well-being activity and align your energies with its vibration: sylvotherapy with forest baths, hikes in the footsteps of great thinkers, yoga, sophrology, meditation...

Aubusson Lake Family Nature Livradois-Forez

Going back to a healthier diet: this is also the other component of a rejuvenating stay and good physical shape. Local, farm and quality products are the basis of a balanced diet that everyone will appreciate at its fair value. You will be able stock up directly in the farms that sell directly, in the markets and also in the producers' shops.

Water activities in the middle of nature, sources of both relaxation and dynamism, there is no shortage of water points in Livradois-Forez. Under the blue flag of a high altitude lake, on the banks of a river or a natural pond, the bathing it is also the meeting of different aquatic worlds.

Here, even trips can be made at the rhythm of nature. For move differently, think of hot air ballooning, horseback riding or horse-drawn carriages, canoeing, dog sledding or many more... They are all modes of transport that respect the environment and will show you the landscape and time differently.