A treasure of heritage to discover: La Chaise-Dieu Musical, nestled on a granite promontory at more than 1080 meters. A true haven of peace in Livradois-Forez. The small town enchants with the beauty of its narrow streets and old houses. It is also renowned for its famous Saint-Robert Abbey and its Sacred Music Festival.

Highlighting a preserved religious heritage

A new paid and immersive discovery trail through 1000 years of history and architecture has been in place for 3 years. It now offers visitors the opportunity to discover emblematic spaces of the abbey: Gothic cloister, echo room with amazing acoustics. But also new rooms like the "Clodge Clément VI".

Echo room at the Chaise-Dieu musical whispers

The latter houses an optical theater installed in the old renovated kitchens with a 15-minute film. It presents the historical context of the construction of the abbey church by Pope Clement VI. Also, the Chapel of Our Lady of the College, discovered during the works, optimally presents 14 Flemish tapestries. Dating from the 16th century, it is a real national treasure classified as a Historic Monument since 1840. It links scenes from the Old and New Testaments, the Historial of the builders, the facsimile of the Danse Macabre...

the Musical God-Chair

At the end of the visit, all you have to do is discover the grandiose abbey church of St Robert. It is in the heart of the latter that the famous Music Festival takes place every year at the end of August.

La Chaise-Dieu, resolutely musical

With more than forty years of existence, the La Chaise-Dieu Festival is thus today one of the most prestigious international meetings of the musical summer. During the second half of August, music lovers flock to the Casadean plateau. They come to listen to the great works of the repertoire and the more confidential pieces to which the Festival strives to give new notoriety.

The abbey lends itself perfectly to these grandiose concerts. Initially supported by a handful of volunteers, the festival was then a surprising success. From year to year, the musical program of La Chaise-Dieu is expanding and enriching, gradually spreading over the calendar...

As for the organs, they regained their voice in 1976. But it was a second restoration campaign, carried out from 1990 to 1995 by organbuilder Michel Garnier, which finally allowed the instrument to be restored to its full glory. Preserved thanks to the support of the Marin Carouge association, it now accompanies the liturgy. And allows the Organ Days to be held (every year around mid-August). He also sounds his pipes before each concert, to remind us of the link that unites him to the Festival.

Departing from Ambert, a micheline transports you to La Chaise-Dieu: you can take advantage of this unique means of transport for a timeless journey.