Helen et Henk Slik, deux hollandais amoureux du Livradois-Forez

From the land of tulips to the sweetness of Auvergne in Livradois-Forez

Helen and Henk Slik, Dutch in Livradois-Forez owner of the bed and breakfast La paresse en douce

The two Dutch owners of the bed and breakfast The quiet laziness have the accent that invites well-being and listening, in the heart of Livradois-Forez. They are not from Auvergne but it's just like! Lovers of Livradois-Forez, they show us how this beautiful love story began.

Who are they ?

Helen and Henk Slik have been living with their two children and their chickens in Tours-sur-Meymont since 2008. Dutch by origin, they fell in love with Livradois-Forez.

Where do they come from ?

Originally from the Netherlands, Helen and Henk wanted a change of life. “We had a busy life, between work, children… We said to ourselves: “if we have to change our lives, we might as well change radically”. Indeed, we really like France, we have often spent our holidays here. The only imperative: no installation in Brittany or Normandy. It's beautiful, but the climate is too similar to ours. »

Why settle in Livradois-Forez?

“We decided to settle in the center of France. Because it's still calm, green, with landscapes very different from ours. Real estate is cheap. And above all, the four seasons are well marked. We had chosen Auvergne, Puy-de-Dôme in particular, and we had spotted a house near Besse, in the more touristic volcano area, but it was sold. We were then offered to go visit a superb house further east ". We had a crush! The house, the area around the house, everything seduced us. It's not like volcanoes. Here, it's prettier, clearer. We like it very much. »

What to say to people who would like to settle here?

“We then receive people who are looking for and who would like to settle in the region. We tell them that we only have positive experiences. We advise them to try to integrate well. For example, we did not try to get in touch with the Dutch here, for the sake of integration. We go to others, to families in the village school where our children are. It is said that Auvergnats are introverted, but if you make the effort to speak French with them, they like it a lot and everything is easier. »