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Rediscover the pleasure of unusual nights in Auvergne: here are the accommodations for you in Thiers, Ambert and all...

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Livradois-Forez: a gastronomic destination. Good tables, hidden inns with secret recipes and...

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Get active, exercise, keep moving, have fun... It's up to you not to get bored.

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Fill up on discoveries in Livradois-Forez!


All the dates in Livradois Forez are here, to fully enjoy your stay in Auvergne.

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Looking for inspiration to make the most of Livradois-Forez? Download our activity sheets and go to the...

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What to do this weekend in Puy-de-Dôme? Fast, efficient: your ticket can be reserved here, from your home, but not at...

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Access and transport, online brochures, addresses and contact details of our information offices, weather forecast: everything you...

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Filling your basket with local, good and organic products is possible in Livradois-Forez. All our addresses here.