In the heart of the beautiful Auvergne, rich in its changing landscapes, the Livradois-Forez is a territory conducive to hiking. Family, sports or itinerant, the practice of hiking remains the most beautiful way to experience a land of nature. In the heart of Auvergne, and far from the crowds. We are in Livradois-Forez.

Hike in peace in the preserved nature of Livradois-Forez

Two hikers in a meadow landscape, Hautes-Chaumes du Forez

Solid rocks contemplate you from the mountains of Livradois and Forez. You climb up against the clouds in the moors of Hautes-Chaumes. The air is crisp on the squat mountains. The daily rumor is far away. Only the calm of the fir forests accompanies you. At the bend of the paths, the infinity of landscapes opens up before you: you finally come back to life, in Livradois-Forez.

Auvergne: gentle hiking…

Hiking in Livradois-Forez is not about performance but about emotions. Thus, everyone can find their account in the shared experience of walking. Moreover, the effort must remain a pleasure. Allow yourself time to enjoy the landscape… Marvel at a view at the end of a hill without difficulty… Appreciate the joys of a route without having to go into the red… Consequently, when the hike is done “ ride", it gives everyone a happiness that comes from the simple fact of being outside, surrounded by nature.

Hiking in Auvergne Three senior friends hiking on a dirt road. Scenery of Livradois-Forez hills.

For those looking for family walks or two, here are some easy routes, all achievable in less than two hours.

… and the hike for backpackers

We also have the right to challenge ourselves and appreciate the unevenness. This is good, because the reliefs of Livradois-Forez are conducive to long and arduous routes. So that even the strongest mountain enthusiasts will find something to satisfy their appetites here.

Climb to Pierre-sur-Haute, the highest point of the Forez mountains, go see the landscape at the top of Puy-Gros, embark on a long journey around the country (allow two days)… Le Livradois -Forez, pleated land with a strong character, draws through hills and dales almost infinite possibilities of beautiful and long hikes in Auvergne. And without doing the caterpillar on the trails…

Hiking in Auvergne: and why not roaming in Livradois-Forez?

Itinerant hiking, a way of traveling that makes you dream. A simple recipe for happiness to make in a few days. Here is here an invitation to live a great adventure on foot on the paths of a Regional natural park in Auvergne.

Hiking in Auvergne A hiker takes a break at the fountain of a stone house

La itinerant hike, it's a journey along the Livradois-Forez. By following a marked route, you only have one thing left to do: let your feet go on the trails and enjoy the nearby nature. Here, you don't have to be an expert to have a great experience. Especially since, for one or two days, you will inevitably find a route that suits your level of endurance. 

Guided hike in Livradois-Forez

Mid-mountain nature guides offer a variety of themed hikes and walks in the area that are as diverse as they are exciting.

Hiking in Auvergne A guide stands on top of a rock. Vast landscape of wooded plateaus. Big blue sky.

They will give you the opportunity to walk through nature with your eyes wide open. And to learn, to discover, to experiment, while walking. Indeed, their both playful and didactic dimension make these outings ideal opportunities to appreciate a rich fauna and flora.

An app for hiking in this Auvergne regional natural park

Because hiking in Livradois-Forez is nature and nothing but nature. The Dolore, the Dore, the Durolle, these whitewater rivers hum along the hiking trails. The Bois Noirs, the Pic de la Garde, the Fossat valley, the slopes of Billom and the County, thus form a palette of colors full of character.

Our hiking portal and our mobile app offer hikes in Livradois-Forez adapted to your abilities. Indeed, the difficulties are varied, and the scenery, like Livradois-Forez, always surprising. 200 courses are thus listed, and our application, already downloaded more than 5000 times, is constantly evolving.

Screenshot of the mobile application rando Livradois-Forez

In addition, this digital platform allows its users to read a wealth of information. Including outdoor activities, heritage to discover, events not to be missed. But also the accommodation and restaurant options located near the hike they have sectioned.

Hiking shoes on a wooden deck
Hiking in Auvergne Cover of the hiking guide in Livradois-Forez

The hiking guide through the Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park

Here is the ideal guide for hiking in Livradois-Forez. 39 walks and 24 discovery trails are offered. You will also find information on the fauna, flora, heritage, gastronomy... Published by the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park, this true companion for hikers is on sale in the shops of the Tourist Information Offices and in bookstores. (15€).  

A hiker seen from behind. Forest landscape.

Antoine, “Le Monsieur Rando” from the Livradois-Forez Tourist Office, shares eight beautiful hikes.