In Livradois-Forez, we don't wait for time to pass...

In Livradois-Forez, many activities are available to you to have a good time. Discover, from north to south, an endearing territory, where heritage can be visited surrounded by nature. Where the hiking trails make you discover stunning viewpoints. Where you don't get bored, and it's even quite the opposite: you'll have to come back here to discover everything.

Breathtaking hikes

Whether on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike, discover all circuits and itineraries of Livradois-Forez. And enjoy your getaways as you wish:

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Move freely!

On the side of Thiers, you dive into the water of Iloa beach or into the pool of the Spa des Bois noirs, after visiting the Cutlery Museum. You trudge from tree to tree on the Lezoux Aventure tree climbing course and spend a lovely afternoon at the Departmental Museum of Ceramics. To billom, guides accompany you and reveal all the secrets of the heritage of Tuscany in Auvergne. To Ambert, you savor the delicious fourme during a workshop, before going up to the Hautes-Chaumes to discover the jasseries. Departing from Ambert station, you can descend due south, to The Chaise-Dieu… The largest mountain abbey. And if you are more of a fisherman, a fishing reserve awaits you, on the shores of Lake Malaguet.


The Livradois-Forez will not let you get bored!

Se baigner en Livradois-Forez

Blue Flag lakes and lakes, for swimming in healthy waters and quality equipped beaches.

Randonnée d’Auvergne, tranquillité du Livradois-Forez

Discover the circuits and routes to walk in peace in the Livradois-Forez.