The classic nights of Thiers invite you to music

Since 2013, a band of quartet and symphony lovers has been creating classical encounters in Thiers. The association Les Rencontres Arioso thus brings together enthusiasts of classical music. Anxious to bring a different touch to the cultural landscape of Thiers, it has since established itself as an essential element of the summer program. The classic nights of Thiers are to be checked off in your diary.

The Arioso Meetings give the la

The Rencontres Arioso always dreams of putting great music at the heart of cultural events in Thiers. For nearly 10 years, the association has been shaping a classical score for the ears of festival-goers. And allows many shares within this fascinating world of classical music. She organizes concerts, workshops around the latter but also around jazz. Each event gives the opportunity to listen to pieces of course, but also to meet passionate musicians.

Each concert gives the public the opportunity to interact with the artists. Also, workshops are open to amateur musicians and led by guest professionals. A choral singing course brings together, each year and for almost a week, several dozen choristers from all over France.

The credo of a musical festival with captivating notes

Discovering rare works, composers and instruments: this is the credo of the Rencontres Arioso. L'association clears and proposes. But his work is not limited to the only festival organized in Thiers, in the capital of cutlery. Throughout the year, other classical and jazzy events are on display in Vichy and Thiers. Even more intimate concerts, in order to bring the spectators ever closer to the artists.

Because Les Rencontres Arioso seeks to reduce the distance between stage and seats. So that classical music is not just a temple with narrow doors. An intimidating mass. Their credo: to bring a whole musical culture to the widest possible audience. A way in their eyes to participate in the construction of "a more peaceful and generous world".

The illuminated house