Atelier de céramique Marine Klaa

Ceramist & Visual Artist. Weekly modeling, sculpture and filming classes, year or package, adult/child. Pottery and ceramics course. Poetic creations made by hand and with love. Personalized creations and orders on request. Good gifts.

Reception of the workshop is by appointment with contact by email or telephone. It is located in the pretty village of Joze (near Pont-du-Château, 30 minutes from Clermont-Ferrand and Thiers and 40 minutes from Vichy).

Classes are open to beginners as well as more advanced people wishing to improve. No skills are required. The objective is to have a pleasant time and discover the magic of the earth. Your children are welcome at the workshop. Modeling classes are open to the general public and filming classes are accessible from 12 years old.

The workshop is a place of kindness in which you can fully express your creativity. It is inclusive and everyone is welcome accompanied by their own story, their experiences and their desire for expression.

In this place we are not looking for “perfect”. This notion is incompatible with the vision I have of the practice of ceramics, Art or Crafts. I suggest you meet the earth and learn to love the beauty that we can find in every little imperfection, which makes this world beautiful.

Here it is a question of cutting ourselves off from the rush that our daily life can be and the pressure that we can sometimes feel; to take this time for yourself, to listen to yourself and let your hands speak, detaching yourself from any notion of judgment. You can then listen to that little voice that we too often keep silent telling you that you can allow yourself to be proud of yourself by bringing one of your creations into your home and enjoying it every day.


  • Voucher

Spoken languages

  • French
Services & equipment
Rates & payment

Adult: from 35 €.

Modeling: 35 euros per session (1:30)
Filming: 55 euros per session (1:30)
Annual subscription / modeling (1:30/week excluding school holidays): 765 euros (i.e. 15 euros/hour), payable in 3x, i.e. 255 euros per quarter)
Modeling: 5-class card 165 euros / 10-class card: 310 euros
Filming: 5-class card: 250 euros
The price includes raw materials, tools, cooking and parts.
Only an apron is needed.
All packages are available as gift cards.

Payment method

  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Nice present
  • ticketing gift voucher
Opening period
From 01 Jan to 31 Dec. 2024Monday

Open by appointment. Contact the workshop for available weekly class slots.


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