Coutellia is the most important festival dedicated to knives in Europe. Every year, it brings together professionals and amateurs from France and the four corners of the world in Thiers. For a weekend, it's all the cutlery that comes together in the heart of its world capital. Also find the Damascus World Cup , an international competition is offered to cutlers and blacksmiths, on damask steel and the art of forging.   

Thiers knife Cutlery Museum

Coutellia, the international knife festival in Thiers

When we evoke Thiers cutlery, these are eight centuries of history that contemplate us. Because, historical and economic capital of French cutlery, Thiers remains the beating heart of a tradition that has never really lost its strength. Already in 1220, there were dozens of cutlery workshops, and time has not changed the situation. Indeed, in Thiers, city of fire and water, forged steel remains king.

Thus, there are today throughout the country of Thiers 80 production units and about 30 subcontractors. Not without difficulty, the Thiers cutlers have managed to overcome successive industrial crises and to keep intact the soul of Thiers, this knife which continues to fascinate all amateurs.

Coutellia Dominique Chambriard forge demonstration

The soul of Thiers cutlery presented over 3 days

Launched in 1991 with around sixty exhibitors, the Coutellia festival is today the most important show dedicated to knives in Europe. International Knife Festival of art and tradition, many exhibitors enliven this show dedicated to knives. Because, more than a simple utilitarian object, at Coutellia, the knife is a true work of art. Indeed, the Coutellia festival offers the opportunity to discover, learn and share between manufacturers, craftsmen and collectors. Browse the aisles and take the time to chat. You will understand the passion and history that has kept this show alive for over 30 years. In 1990, created by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thiers, the festival was a real success. To always live “Coutellia” bigger, the area doubles, 4 m000, for twice as many choices. Good news for all lovers and amateurs of beautiful blades, always more numerous!

Coming to Coutellia means experiencing exchanges between connoisseurs, discovering cutlery know-how and techniques. It is to touch their richness at the same time as these so diverse materials, horn and copper, leather and wood, and so many others from which Thiers knives are made with steel. Around the workshops and demonstrations, you can appreciate the knack and… get your hands dirty. We will find there demonstration and initiation to the forge, to the assembly, to the polishing, to the engraving.

Coutellia, forge workshop

Finally, Coutellia is not just a simple exhibition of beautiful traditional knives. For two days, this festival is an opportunity to celebrate French and international cutlery. Here in Thiers. With the grindstone and the hammer for instruments of eight centuries old music.

Damascus World Cup: the only damask forging competition in the world, in Coutellia

Secondly, it is only in Thiers that a damask competition is organised: the Mondial du Damas! An international team competition around the art of forging and damask steel. A unique competition, under the watchful eye of a professional cutlery jury to award the " Damascus World Cup "!

In order to encourage and show the evolutions around cutlery, the “supplier” exhibitors also have their prize, the “Coutellia Innovations Awards”. This is how the lucky winners are those who stand out in terms of technological innovations.

Coutellia demonstration workshop

Without forgetting the visitors, they too will be able to enrich their knowledge and discover the art of the forge. Many activities will be offered in the heart of the cutlery village:

  • Blacksmithing demonstrations
  • Knife assembly for young and old
  • Introduction to making corkscrews
  • Cutting demonstrations
  • Treasure hunt for children

Lots of activities to immerse yourself in the world of knives, while maintaining the festival's spirit of conviviality.

Thiers know-how

The cutlery history known Thiers as well as his trademark knife Thiers®, allows with a highly renowned show, to mark and highlight the ancestral craftsmanship of the Thiers cutlers. A production "100% made in Thiers", which then continues in an 800-year-old tradition of production and design. Over two days, exhibitors from Thiers show the know-how of the hundreds of craft businesses present in the basin of the medieval city. To immerse yourself further, cutlery museum, opens its doors to you to discover 6 centuries of cutlery heritage. Between workshops, demonstrations and collections of fine cutlery, all in mother-of-pearl, ivory and gold.

robert david knife demonstration

To conclude, don't miss this unmissable event for knife enthusiasts! The Tourism House meet you at the heart of the Breuil industrial zone in Thiers, to live the Coutellia experience, on May 20 and 21, 2023.

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