Closing, table, pocket, art, bread, boning, peeling, slicer, ham, paring, bird's beak, butter, pizza, cheese, tomato, Laguiole, Vendetta , Aurillac… The qualifiers to talk about the knife are endless. Like the universe to which it belongs. Discover the fascinating world of cutlery in Thiers.

Cutlery in Thiers: 800 years of history

When we talk about the cutlery of Thiers, Those are eight centuries of history who watch us. Because, historical and economic capital of French cutlery, Thiers remains the beating heart of a tradition which never really lost its strength. Already in 1220, there were dozens of cutlery workshops, and time has not changed the situation. Therefore, in Thiers, forged steel remains king. 

Cutlery in Thiers Dominique Chambriard cutler

Today, there are 80 production units and about 30 subcontracting units in the industrial and artisanal basin of Thiers. As a result, the cutlers managed to weather successive industrial crises and keep the soul of the Thiers©. The latter which continues to fascinate all amateurs. In Thiers and in the Thiers mountains, 70% of French sharp objects are manufactured. This cutlery tradition is thus exported worldwide.  

Grinders, blacksmiths, polishers, manufacturers of woodworking and steel: they all have a very particular and very much alive know-how. Some of their creations are true works of art. Cutlers use wood, carbon, bone, fossils, horn, metal. But also, very strong steels and different polishing techniques.

Discover Thiers cutlery

The city of Thiers continues to maintain its reputation: the cutler craftsmen also perpetuate renowned know-how and share them with a growing audience. You are free to put your hand to work and participate in the manufacture of your own knife. Two workshops offer knife assembly activities.

Where to mount your own knife?

A stay which is to discover the fabulous cutlery history of Thiers and learn how to assemble your own knife!

Around the cutlery of Thiers: museum and walks

Du cutlery museum, where one can observe at leisure the knack of the masters, at the Coutellia Festival, a real meeting place for those who make and those who love knives, it is centuries of tradition that have built a bridge between eras.

stroll along the Durolle, near the old forges, and in the valley of spinning wheels to discover the cradle of cutlery production, at a time when the driving force of the river drove the stones to grind the blades. To conclude, coming to Thiers is immerse yourself in six centuries of artisanal and industrial know-how!

Cutlery Thiers assembly workshop